• Adobe Lightroom is known to be one of the best, effective and useful tools in the market today.
  • There’s an option wherein you can see the lists of the different shortcuts.
  • Here are the three keys that most photographers use in Lightroom.

If you’re utilizing Adobe Lightroom for quite some time now, you already know that there are several ways to shorten the whole editing process. Furthermore, you are also aware of the different shortcut keys  available in Lightroom.

Digital camera capturing

Adobe Lightroom is known to be one of the best, effective and useful tools in the market today. That’s why most professional and even amateur photographers use the best Lightroom presets for their images. They know that aside from the fact that it can help them save time and effort in modifying images, the program can also help them produce a one of a kind image output.

In this article,we will mainly talk about some of the common shortcut keys used by photographers. These sets of shortcuts will definitely help you speed up the entire process of editing, thus will also give you extra time to do other important things.

Basically, when you open Adobe Lightroom, there’s an option wherein you can see the lists of the different shortcuts. However, you may find it unclear and confusing. So, to help you understand the shortcut keys, here are the three keys that most photographers use in Lightroom for their action camera hd images.

Slider Tool

Everything in Lightroom contains sliders, so if you don’t want to use the mouse to move sliders, all you have to do is to hold down the (ALT) key and press arrow up, down, left and right.

Slideshow Adjustment

If you want to view your slideshow faster, you have to set the interface into grid view. The next thing to do is to hold down both (CRTL) and (ENTER) keys to start the slideshow.

Straightening Tools

Most photographers used this tool very often. For them to save time, they hold down the (CTRL) key and immediately drag the cursor anywhere they want.

  • Lightroom actions that create an interactive feel on your photos
  • Top-notch actions from Lightroom used by photographers and designers
  • Stunning photos at par with cinematic pictures through Lightroom actions

Photography is getting more and more interactive nowadays. The idea of putting “action” into a photo is quite unheard of in the past. Today, however, photos are presented much closer to that of its counterpart, the cinema, in terms of quality.

LR47And you can get these kinds of photos with Lightroom actions. Lightroom is your photo-editing app that allows you to edit or enhance your photos either through its presets or through actions. It has a collection of actions, though, online for your photos, a diversified bundle of actions for that type of effect specifically for your photos.

Creativity is one of the reasons why Lightroom actions are a favorite with designers and photographers. You can be creative in a lot of ways with it, exploring on its collection until you can come up with that perfect effect out of that appropriate preset for your photos.

So there is no need for you to seek any help with your photographer anymore because these Lightroom actions will take care of it. Lightroom allows you to create that effect out of that unique personality of yours, and not exactly the whim of other people, like what happened in the past with your photographer.

With Lightroom actions, though, you can have that photo effect that is uniquely you, depending on the style or form you wanted to project. Lightroom is paving the way as far as editing these photos are concerned.

If you want that cinematic feel on your photo, Lightroom has an action for that. If, in case, you want to change the season from fall to spring, this app has the tools to create that kind of effect. And if you want to have that black and white mode on your photo image, then there’s a specific action for that.

Everything is quite possible with Lightroom actions. The only thing to do now is to scour it on the web and download it on your PC. And you will see afterwards that that “action” not only enhances your photo images, it also perks up your confidence as well, knowing that many find your photo image online beautiful and stunning, to say the least.

  • 9 simple steps on how to add presets to Lightroom
  • Free downloadable presets online for your photos
  • Storing your presets in a folder through Lightroom

You have often heard of the word “presets” or “Lightroom” as you go along trying to enhance your photos. But as soon as you encounter these photography words, you ask yourself, “How to add presets to Lightroom?” Oftentimes, you rely on those ordinary apps for your photo editing but you are in some ways hesitant on how to add presets to Lightroom.


If you are using Lightroom 5, here are simple steps on how to add presets to Lightroom:

Step 1 – First stop, you need to download these presets. Either you can get it free online or you can buy it. Suffice it to say, there’s plenty of options for you as far as getting that preset for your Lightroom.

Step 2 – After getting that preset, you need to locate and uncompress that file. Presets are usually in zip mode, so you need to unzip them before using.

Step 3 – Then after unzipping your presets, you can open Lightroom.

Step 4 – If you’re using Windows, you’ll have to start by navigating Edit – Preferences. For Mac, however, you can locate it on the menu bar (top) and find Lightroom – Preferences.

Step 5 – As soon as the Preferences box opens up, select the Presets tab.

Step 6 – Then click on that labelled button “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”

Step 7 – A new folder will automatically appear, Explorer Window for Windows and Finder Window for Mac. Open the folder (Lightroom), after which, open “Develop Presets” folder.

Step 8 – Copy and paste your presets into this folder

Step 9 – Immediately after doing so, restart Lightroom. And you will notice that your new presets will be located in the “Develop Module” right under Presets section (left side of your screen).

These are the basics on how to add presets to Lightroom.  Always remember that as soon as you can add these presets in Lightroom, you can now experiment with these presets on your photos.

Never mind the help of a professional photographer; which comes with a cost because you are paying more or less with the equipment used. So knowing how to add presets to Lightroom has its benefits, because you are in control of the enhancements being made on your photos.

Follow these 9 easy steps on how to add presets to Lightroom and you will get the best photo enhancement without the aid of your nearby photographer. Imagine the effect you can create, enhancing photos after your own heart.

At this point in time, many Adobe Photoshop users are still not aware of the benefits and advantages of Lightroom, a non-destructive tool which aims to provide assistance to professional photographers. In fact, people were saying that Lightroom is just a mere replacement of Photoshop. Basically, this kind of misconception is not true since Photoshop is a unique program and no one can ever replace its features and services.


In this article, we will highlight the three reasons why you should start using Adobe Lightroom for your images. The program has the ability to:

Process RAW and Jpeg Files Quickly

Before Lightroom was developed, photographers and other artists were searching for a better tool that will help them save time in processing, viewing and organizing RAW and JPEG files. Adobe Lightroom has a lot of smart ways to convert and organize these files into one catalogue file.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Add Keywords and Metadata

As we all know, keywords can help us save a lot of time in finding specific images. Lightroom is a great tool to create unique keywords for every collection. Other well-known programs has this keyword features, however, Lightroom does better in adding and keeping keyword files.

Locate files Using Built in Google Maps

Basically, this unique feature of Lightroom was first introduced in Lightroom 4 and it offer several ways of locating images easily by using their built in Google map software. So, if you have a GPS device in your mobile devices, this will automatically save the location in the Map module in Lightroom’s interface.

Adobe Lightroom has a lot to offer. Aside from the fact that it helps you save a lot of time in modifying images by using Landscape and seascape workflow, it can also do other things such as organizing thousands of images in one location, creating of video and photo presentation, adding of keywords and sharing images online.

arvixe 4Arvixe hosting company offers the cheapest and economical hosting plans in the market today. Offering services such as share hosting, dedicated server, virtual private server, and other packages related to web designs. This is a great option for people who are still looking for a reliable web hosting company.

Detailed Web Hosting Prices

Shared hosting plan has three levels specifically: Power, Business, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated server plan.

Personal Class- Price starts at $4 a month with a discounted price of $2.80 a month.

Business Class – It is intended for small business owners. Price starts at $22 a month.

Reseller Class – Price starts at $20 a month.

VPS class – Price starts at $20 a month.

Dedicated Class – Price starts at $429 a month.


One of the things I like about Arvixe is that their hosting service and performance is consistent and fast. Arvixe web hosting company network also supports UNIX, Linux and other operating system. Moreover, their customer representatives can respond to technical issues immediately.

Better Customer Service

  • They have a friendly, well-trained, responsive and knowledgeable customer support representatives.
  • Their goal is to provide better hosting services to their customers.
  • They are always available 24/7 to fix technical problems related to hosting.

Money Back Guarantee

Unhappy subscribers may ask for a completed subscription refund since Arvixe offers a lengthy money back guarantee of 90 days from initial hosting set-up.

To know more about Arvixe’s services, watch the Arvixe Hosting Review video below:

Are you currently looking for a new web hosting company that can help you improve your business? Your ability to provide the bandwidth that is necessary for customers to look at the products that you have for sale is absolutely imperative. You might have a small business which may only require a shared server, whereas others may require you to have a dedicated server or something larger. The benefit of working with hosting companies today is that so many of them have a multitude of packages, one of which were not only provide you with the storage and bandwidth that you need, but also the right price for your budget. Here are the current trends involved with the hosting industry of 2015, trends that have made this industry better than ever.

Changes In Web Hosting web

Web hosting is something that is absolutely essential for people that are spending their time building a business either in the real world, or on the web. It is common for people to have all of their products available for sale on the Internet, allowing them to tap into the millions of users that are constantly online. Social media has really changed the game in the last few years, giving people the opportunity to target individuals that would otherwise have never found their business before. Not everyone is searching for a hosting solution, but at some point in time, they might be thinking about it, and while they are on their Facebook account, or they are sharing something on Twitter, it will come across to an advertisement for web hosting. Viral videos have also been a game changer, especially those that have created them and those that are advertising can use them to their advantage. The millions of people that are watching and sharing the videos will see your advertisements, and as a result, you can make more money. This is just a handful of the strategies that web hosting companies are using in 2015 to really improve their overall revenues. More specifically, it has made it possible for these companies to provide the common person with the ability to set up their own website in a matter of hours, using the technology that is now available.

Web Hosting Made Easy

It’s very simple to create a web hosting account, add your website, and be found on the Internet. Of course, there needs to be a little bit of marketing done so that everyone can find you, but the mere fact that the average person can start a shared account, or even create a VPS that they can use for one or more websites, without any prior technical training, is a sign of the change of the times. Web hosting is geared more for the average person now than it was 10 years ago, making it very easy for anyone to take advantage of their services. They are also more cost-effective, especially with shared servers, and even with dedicated servers with some companies, helping people to start their own business, or improve the size of their business, without that much more added expense.

2015 truly has been innovative in how a web hosting company will target potential customers, primarily due to changing how easy their hosting solutions are and the way they are targeting people on the web. It’s not just for techies that know what they are doing, and just about anyone can have a website of their own using what web hosting providers have today that is so easy to use. More info here!

InMotion might appear to be a regular hosting company, providing pretty much exactly the same attributes as just about any main hosting company on the market.

However, whenever you take a look at their ideas, you’ll immediately see what ranges inmotion from others: wide variety. In contrast to most of the companies who just have one plan, inmotion provides 4 different types of hosting, each using their own positive aspects:

Cheap Hosting

This plan is considered suitable for start-up internet sites. In case you are basically testing the digital oceans and also have hardly any cash to spare, this can be the very best plan for your site. For just $5.99 per month, you’re able to produce a maximum of two websites utilizing a 6 addon, single account, data backup, unlimited transfer and 25 parked domains, and disk space. Additionally, you will get $75 credit which you can use for pay per click.

Business Hosting images

This bundle is available in three sorts: launch, energy, and expert. This really is ideal for companies that desire to make room for development and also growth. With launch, clients be able to host two internet sites, help six domains and also 25 sub domains, utilize two mysql databases, and make use of $275 advertising credits free of charge. If you would like this option, you will have to pay $5.99 per month.

For the next $2, you are able to already acquire the energy plan. Right here, you’re able to host 6 websites, assist 26 domains and also 100 sub domains, use 50 msql databases, and make use of $300 free credits for marketing. If you want to host 25 website below one account, select pro. For just $13.99 per month, you won’t just have the ability to have these websites, there is also unlimited assistance for as many domains and also sub domains that you might want. In addition, you may also use 200 mysql databases and also $300 price of credit for marketing.

VPS Hosting
If you can not desire to share a server but can’t afford to lease one for the sole use, you will get the vps hosting which inmotion provides. Vps identifies vps. It’s very much like getting your own server but is much more inexpensive. They come in a dedicated server for the mail and also a custom firewall. This plan of action can cost you between $29.99 up to $74.99 each month.

This will depend on how much ram, storage space, data transfer rate, and ip addresses your internet sites will demand. It is ideal for growing companies that expect high-traffic.

Inmotion now offers full assistance for well-known cms and a lot applications. There is certainly a good one-click
installation solution. Browsing the cpanel is not challenging but could try taking a little becoming accustomed to. Check more InMotion reviews to know more of their offers, advantages and cons.

Hostgator provides top tier shared hosting, VPS, and hosting to satisfy the requirements of various kinds of customers. One of the much better facets of Hostgator is that clients can update in one package to a different without dropping up-time and/or going by way of a backup/restore routine. Rather, the whole upgrade procedure is handled internally by Hostgator’s employees and some of their automatic scripts, however, the outcome is an infinitely more fulfilling hosting encounter that lets internet sites grow when needed.

Prior to going into particulars on Hostgator’s plans, it’s also important to note that Hostgator’s employees was approached 3 times at approximately 8 hour durations in an effort to calculate their speed, understanding, and all round degree of customer support. It could be nearly impossible to provide Hostgator something in short supply of an ideal score because there never was once even a moment of hold period, the associates were usually pleasant, and responses were usually precise.  hostgator review

The associates usually appeared to be native English speakers, along with a enjoyable southern drawl was discovered one time. Absolutely no Hostagor client needs to be worried about connection problems with a non-native English speaker, whether they send an e-mail, chat online, or place a call to Hosgator’s toll-free line.

The lowest priced services provided by Hostgator are definitely the shared web hosting programs, which most of Hostgator’s competition appear to have eschewed completely or paid less focus to. In reality, Hostgator’s name is tied up closely two from the three levels of web hosting services shared, which have been termed as the Hatchling, Baby, and Strategic business plans. All of Hostgator’s shared web hosting plans provide limitless hard drive space and data transfer, however, the Hatchling plan has the capability to host an individual website while the other two shared web hosting plans enable the hosting of limitless websites. This can be quite necessary for those seeking to host several websites, particularly domainers and/or bloggers seeking to generate income from several websites.

Blog writers using WordPress or any other common programs will appreciate the limitless MySQL version 5+ (during the time of this writing) data bank and assistance for PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, ASP, Python, and both equally standard CGI along with its Fast CGI alternative. All of Hostgator’s web hosting services shared accounts include the newest version of cPnael and Fantastico support, that makes setting up WordPress and also other popular packages a simple, uncomplicated procedure.

Hostgator’s customer satisfaction may even help incorporate or tailor modules upon demand, in some cases with no additional cost.
99.9% uptime guarantees include all Hostgator’s shared web hosting plans, but an internal private SSL certificate is merely incorporated with the business enterprise package, however, a shared SSL certificate from Hostgator incorporates all packages. Multi-domain SSL certificates can be found also as low as $150 per year. That $150 covers the primary 3 domains and $25 per domain next for every additional domain address. hostgator plan

Additional website names cost not less than $15 per annum, though several of the foreign internet domain names could cost considerably more. On the subject of cost, Hostgator’s web hosting services shared plans start at $4.95 monthly for any Hatchling to $12.95 monthly for the Strategic business plan. These rates reflect multi-year agreements, though short term deals are possible for
higher fees each month.

Starting at 1,500 GB of monthly bandwidth and maxing out at exceeding 2500 GB of monthly data transfer rate, Hostgator’s web site hosting are not only high-performance internally, but contain the pipes necessary to make that hardware function in wherein viewers are able to see without having to pay extra fees. Private SSL and shared SSL certificates are accessible for extra fees, though no discounts are provided to customers with dedicated servers.

The sole disadvantage to Hostgator’s plans is the fact that, like several hosts, customers need to subscribe for long contracts to obtain the lowest prices. Most of Hostgator’s offerings require 3-year contracts to be able to enjoy the lowest price points, and considering the pace in which technology is constantly advance, it seem unlikely that anyone might be able to pay even these rates in three years. Overall, Hostagator would appear to be an excellent source for web hosting services shared and VPS solutions for bloggers or anybody else. The WordPress support and installation is simple, as well as the buy-what-you-need approach makes Hostgator probably the most appealing alternatives on the market industry. Check our hostgator hosting review to get more info about their plan.

What is the difference between the Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom?

There were a lot of instances wherein people ask me about the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Basically, I told them that if you want to have an infinite and boundless editing opportunity or if you want something more precise, Photoshop is the best option. However, if you want to simplify the editing process, Adobe Lightroom 5 is the best choice for you.


Why Adobe Lightroom is the best photo application?

Adobe Lightroom 5 Presets have a lot to offer. They are far better than Photoshop in terms of image customization. In this article, we will talk about the five special features of Adobe Lightroom Presets that is not evident in Adobe Photoshop. However, if you like to use more actions, you can get free actions for photoshop at this FB page.

Import and Export Feature

This lightroom feature can be very helpful to those people who are busy enough to save their editing files. In addition, using lightroom will save you longer time of editing. Here’s a video on how to install lightroom:

Previous button

Most Adobe Lightroom Presets users love using the previous button since it automatically applies filters to different images in just a snap.

Numerous Presets available

This is the most exciting feature of Adobe Lightroom. You can download loads of free or paid Lightroom Presets. There are a lot of presets available online, most of it comes in presets package. Presets are like photo filters. You can use it to modify and create more lively images.

Copy and Paste feature

This feature will actually save more time of editing. Since you can just use the copy and paste or (crtl+c , crtl+v) when applying filters and other important settings on the images. This is why most users prefer using Lightroom instead of Adobe Photoshop. Other photo application doesn’t allow users to copy and paste.

Easy to transfer files

Saving edited images one by one is tiring. But with Adobe Lightroom, you can just edit it and save easily. Instead of saving it one by one, lightroom can save all edited images in one click.

Discussed above are some of the many exciting features of Adobe Lightroom Presets. These five features will only give you an idea that Lightroom makes your editing experience more easier, simpler and faster. Also, you can view more cool lightroom features at infoparrot.


Inspired through the simple philosophy to supply the highest quality service and support in a low cost, A Small Orange began in Atlanta in 2003. It provides a myriad of hosting plans from shared web hosting to handled dedicated servers. Presently it’s offering hosting methods to hundreds of countless clients round the global.a small orange

Nevertheless, an over-all real question is still worth requested – could it be really offering cost-effective hosting solutions with seem performance? To reply to this, we’ve adopted its shared hosting service previously couple of several weeks making an extensive review regarding its plans and prices, features, performance and customer care.

A Small Orange offers four plans for shared hosting customers with different types of budgets and needs. They’re named as Small, Small, Medium and enormous. Small should be charged yearly and yet another three plans could be charged monthly or yearly.

To get rid of the chance of trying a brand new host, it provides a 90-day money-back guarantee. If people buy a yearly plan of Small, Medium or Large, they are able to obtain a 2-month free along with a free domain for any year. Have a look while dining below for detailed prices for various plans with various assets.a small orange webhost

A Small Orange Live offers quality customer service via email and live chat. We can’t imagine the way a company it’s with no public telephone. Where are the money likely to? Performs this an US company, or operated inside a corner around the globe?

To check their customer care, we posted a couple of queries concerning the Small plan. We found the response time isn’t ideal. It’s worried if you have a sudden problem, how you’ll have a right expectation on response time. However, the overall performance of A Small Orange is all worth the time and effort. You can try them first on your smaller sites to check on their performance. If you already want to avail their services, make sure you have a coupon. A Small Orange coupons and discounts will give you big savings.


DreamHost began in 2003 and presently has over 30 employees and serves hundreds of 1000’s of customers worldwide. Their headquarters are situated in Durham, New York and therefore, are positively seeking job candidates for five job openings, that is a strong symbol of company growth.

Within this review, I’m basing some of the info on the DreamHost website, packages, prices, customer support options, and much more. I’ll also take a take a look at outdoors assets to determine how satisfied their customers take prescription independent verified assets.

DreamHost is a unique company simply because they declined to follow along with the relaxation from the firms that offer “unlimited everything” to have an impossibly low cost. It really isn’t physically easy to offer 300GB of actual space and Terabytes of bandwidth for a measly $4.95 a month (use whatever site that provides dedicated servers which has that much space). What these businesses do rather is hide restrictions, upsell you, and terminate your site if you are using a lot of assets. Rather, DreamHost offers plans that provide the precise assets you’ll need without worrying about 100s of emails that upsell with other items and services plus they promise to simply email you with billing, customer support, and also the periodic random customer survey for calculating customer satisfaction.

Among the best methods to determine reliability would be to take a look at their money back guarantee. DreamHost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime. Since they don’t oversell their servers, additionally they don’t attract the kind of client which will abuse their service rich in resource usage whose consumption can slow or perhaps bring lower shared servers. dreamhost

Specialists and technical personnel can be found 24/7/365 and monitoring their data centers night and day. Their data centers are patrolled by pads, supervised over Closed-circuit television, and are situated behind multiple redundant lines of physical security.

Let’s say you wish to cancel? With DreamHost, if you wish to cancel your service following the 45-day money-back guarantee, they will give you a professional refund for just about any unused services you’ve taken care of. However, as I’ve stated above, you aren’t forced into a 1-year, 2-year, or perhaps 5-year commitment. If you wish to pay monthly, DreamHost really enables you to do this.

My recommendation: For DreamHost, because it’s essential for hosts to earn your loyalty, I suggest registering to your chosen package on a monthly basis. After three several weeks of utilizing their service, checking uptimes, and verifying the service suits your site, contact them and upgrade to a yearly plan to secure their pre-pay discount rates. Very few hosts offer this method, so make the most of it. Want to know more about their company, services, plans and promos? Pop over to these guys to see a more detailed DreamHost review.

I’ve been with Siteground for five years, after moving from an infinitely more costly Australian Host. I am a web developer and professional blogger. I host a lot of domain names around the same account (.com and .au) and multiple sub-domain names for personal, clients, buddies and a few non-profits sites. A couple of these sites have Google rankings of 5-7 which signifies just how much traffic they get and I’m only on their own baby plan. They are so valuable to me and I’m putting a lot of my time and effort to maintain them.

I can’t say that I haven’t experienced any downtime with them. If there’s been any downtime, it happens only for a short time as neither myself or clients have observed it and I’m dealing with my sites for hours almost every day.  siteground-740x420

The only real occasions I’ve required contacting customer support is for problems I’ve produced myself and also the matter has been worked with quickly through their online chat. The operators have been friendly, very useful and knowledgeable. I’ve assisted other bloggers using their own sites located through many different hosts and so I am certain that I’ve made a good choice.

I began using their strategic business plan. It had been very affordable, extremely fast with no downtime. Support was fast and thorough. Soon after several weeks I needed a VPS since I wished to run another process that do not operate on shared hosting. I then use their VPS Level 3 and then increased to an amount 5. I essentially needed the additional RAM and cpu to cater my needs.

I am paying around $100 month, that might appear high, but my VPS is totally handled and that I have assets to spare. They have carried out some critical balancing procedures and installations that we could most likely do, but there will be a large amount of learning from mistakes (and downtime). My websites are important to my profession and hobby and ~ $100/mo is actually nothing. My sites will never be lower plus they run very fast. In addition, support is virtually instant whenever I’ve got a question or maybe something is not working right. I am running several Prestashop stores around the VPS and Siteground’s support for Prestashop is great.

I invest my effort into running my company and also the final factor I ever need to bother about is my site or email being lower. They are not happen to be a Siteground customer during the last three years, and that I truly can’t speak highly an adequate amount of their technical support department and also the services Siteground provides.

Siteground hasn’t once unsuccessful to step-up and repair the issues we faced (as well as in come cases the issue was really on our end and never their own), I’d have to state anybody searching for a hosting company with outstanding reliability, amazing customer and technical support, and low prices, well Siteground is the greatest company available! I thought about this Siteground review many times and researched a lot. However, if you want to make sure of your decision on your hosting needs, ask people who are using Siteground to know if it suits your needs.


CPU Support Intel® Pentium®4 Prescott (FSB 533 / 800) / (Intel® LGA 775)
Pentium®4 Family : 2.8GHz~4GHz
Celeron®Family : 2.53GHz~3.33GHz
Chipset Intel®915G + ICH6 Chipset and Integrated VGA
Intel®915G + ICH6W Chipset and Integrated VGA, 533/800MHz
Integrated Audio C-Media CMI9880 Codec with Intel®HD Audio Interface
5.1-channel support
Integrated LAN Gigabit-Ethernet
Memory Support Dual-channel DDR 333/400,2 DIMM slots (2GB max)
Expansion Slots PCI Express x16 (1) / PCI Slot (1)
IDE / ATA Support PATA 100 (1ch) / SATA (2 Ports)
PSU 250W Switching PSU (Active PFC Function)
Front I/O USB 2.0 (2) / IEEE1394 (1) / Mic-In (1) / Headphone (1)
Rear Port PS/2 (2) / USB 2.0 (3) / Gigabit-Ethernet (1) / IEEE1394 (1) /
SPDIF-In (1) / SPDIF-Out (1) / Parallel (1) / VGA (1) /COM (1) /
Speaker-Out(1) / Lin-In(1) / Mic-In(1)
Value added Remote controller / LCD Display /
SoftGateTM Wireless 802.11b/g with AP Solution (Optional)
CPU Cooler Heat Pipe 92mm Fan
Dimension (W x L x H) 223 X 303 X 221 mm


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Pentium 4 Extreme Edition

3.40 / 3.4 GHz / HT / 2M / 800 / LGA 775

Pentium 4 HT (PSC)

670 / 3.8 GHz / HT / 2M / 800 / LGA 775
660 / 3.6 GHz / HT / 2M / 800 / LGA 775
650 / 3.4 GHz / HT / 2M / 800 / LGA 775
640 / 3.2 GHz / HT / 2M / 800 / LGA 775
630 / 3 GHz / HT / 2M / 800 / LGA 775
570J / 3.8 GHz / HT / 1M / 800 / LGA 775
560/560J / 3.6 GHz / HT / 1M / 800 / LGA 775
550/550J / 3.4 GHz / HT / 1M / 800 / LGA 775
540/540J / 3.2 GHz / HT / 1M / 800 / LGA 775
530/530J / 3 GHz / HT / 1M / 800 / LGA 775
520/520J / 2.8 GHz / HT / 1M / 800 / LGA 775


345 / 3.06 GHz / 256k / 533 / LGA 775
340 / 2.93 GHz / 256K / 533 / LGA 775
335 / 2.8 GHz / 256K / 533 / LGA 775
330 / 2.66 GHz / 256K / 533 / LGA 775
325 / 2.53 GHz / 256K / 533 / LGA 775
320 / 2.4 GHz / 256K / 533 / LGA 775


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CPU Support Pentium®4 processor Prescott (FSB 533 / 800) / (Intel LGA 775)
Pentium®4 Family : 2.8GHz~4GHz
Celeron®Family : 2.53GHz~3.33GHz
Chipset Intel®915G + ICH6 Chipset and Integrated VGA
Intel®915G + ICH6W Chipset and Integrated VGA, 533/800MHz
Integrated Audio C-Media C9880 Codec with Intel®HD Audio Interface
5.1-channel support
Integrated LAN Gigabit-Ethernet
Memory Support Dual Channel DDR
Max. 2G (DDR1 400/333 MHz)
Expansion Slots PCI Express x16 (1) / PCI Slot (1)
IDE / ATA Support ATA 100 (1 Ch) / SATA (2 Ports)
PSU 250W Switching PSU (Active PFC Function)
Front I/O USB 2.0 (2) / IEEE1394 (1) / Mic-In (1) / Headphone (1)
Rear Port PS/2 (2) / USB 2.0 (3) / Gigabit-Ethernet (1) / IEEE1394 (1) /
SPIF-In (1) / SPDIF-Out (1) / Parallel (1) / VGA (1) /
COM (1) / Speaker-Out(1) / Lin-In(1) / Mic-In(1)
CPU Cooler Heat Pipe 92mm Fan
Dimension (W x L x H) 223 X 303 X 221 mm


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