I’ve been with Siteground for five years, after moving from an infinitely more costly Australian Host. I am a web developer and professional blogger. I host a lot of domain names around the same account (.com and .au) and multiple sub-domain names for personal, clients, buddies and a few non-profits sites. A couple of these sites have Google rankings of 5-7 which signifies just how much traffic they get and I’m only on their own baby plan. They are so valuable to me and I’m putting a lot of my time and effort to maintain them.

I can’t say that I haven’t experienced any downtime with them. If there’s been any downtime, it happens only for a short time as neither myself or clients have observed it and I’m dealing with my sites for hours almost every day.  siteground-740x420

The only real occasions I’ve required contacting customer support is for problems I’ve produced myself and also the matter has been worked with quickly through their online chat. The operators have been friendly, very useful and knowledgeable. I’ve assisted other bloggers using their own sites located through many different hosts and so I am certain that I’ve made a good choice.

I began using their strategic business plan. It had been very affordable, extremely fast with no downtime. Support was fast and thorough. Soon after several weeks I needed a VPS since I wished to run another process that do not operate on shared hosting. I then use their VPS Level 3 and then increased to an amount 5. I essentially needed the additional RAM and cpu to cater my needs.

I am paying around $100 month, that might appear high, but my VPS is totally handled and that I have assets to spare. They have carried out some critical balancing procedures and installations that we could most likely do, but there will be a large amount of learning from mistakes (and downtime). My websites are important to my profession and hobby and ~ $100/mo is actually nothing. My sites will never be lower plus they run very fast. In addition, support is virtually instant whenever I’ve got a question or maybe something is not working right. I am running several Prestashop stores around the VPS and Siteground’s support for Prestashop is great.

I invest my effort into running my company and also the final factor I ever need to bother about is my site or email being lower. They are not happen to be a Siteground customer during the last three years, and that I truly can’t speak highly an adequate amount of their technical support department and also the services Siteground provides.

Siteground hasn’t once unsuccessful to step-up and repair the issues we faced (as well as in come cases the issue was really on our end and never their own), I’d have to state anybody searching for a hosting company with outstanding reliability, amazing customer and technical support, and low prices, well Siteground is the greatest company available! I thought about this Siteground review many times and researched a lot. However, if you want to make sure of your decision on your hosting needs, ask people who are using Siteground to know if it suits your needs.

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